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A Winning Attorney

A Winning Attorney

In fighting the good fight for life, it’s not uncommon for there to be set backs, long hours and little recognition. But that does not always have to be the case.

AUL is proud to congratulate William Saunders who received the St. Thomas More Award in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday, November 9. This award recognizes an individual who promotes and embodies the virtues of St. Thomas More, as well as to inspire lawyers and other professionals to honor God through their work. The award is traditionally given to individuals who have contributed significantly to the respect for the dignity of the human person in the field of law.

During the event, Saunders encouraged the attendees with the certainty that pro-life attorneys can further the cause within the legal profession regardless of the specific career path they choose.

Saunders is following up on that theme of encouraging lawyers for life in addressing law students at Washington University Law School today on “Why Roe Must Go (and what happens when it does)”.

10 Nov 2010
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