Americans United for Life | AUL UPDATE: Is Charlie Gard coming to America?
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AUL UPDATE: Is Charlie Gard coming to America?

The fight to win treatment for the 11-month-old baby Charlie Gard continues.

CFG-CharlieGardAs I write this email, I’m packing to go back to London so I can stand with Charlie’s parents, Chris and Connie, at the court hearings on Monday and Tuesday. Despite the fact that a world-renowned physician experienced in treating rare mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome flew to the U.K. to weigh in on the case, Great Ormond Street Hospital bureaucrats continue to oppose releasing Charlie for treatment, preferring that breathing support be removed from the child. This is the kind of struggle that any of us could face in a culture in which life is too often devalued. Vulnerable people – the sick, the elderly, the infirm – deserve life-saving treatment – not a death sentence.

With hope, Charlie’s parents fight on. And Americans United for Life is proud to stand at their side.

In the U.S., I and others have been working to have Charlie granted U.S. citizenship so that he could travel here for treatment. Already, the House Committee on Appropriations has voted unanimously to grant the family residency. While the full House and Senate will need to weigh in before we can free the family from the legal hold on them in the U.K., we are making progress!

And as we anticipate Monday and Tuesday hearings in Charlie’s case in London’s High Court, a CitizenGO petition AUL sponsored now has more than 540,000 signers as people from around the world ask that Charlie’s parents be allowed to choose treatment and hope for his life.

Please add your voice to those calling on hospital and legal officials in the U.K. to allow Charlie’s parents to choose treatment for their son, and please share this effort with your friends and family.

#IamCharlieGard because I know that people sometimes need others to defend them. As the legal arm of the pro-life movement, I and my team are working to see all life protected in law, from conception to natural death. Thank you for joining the effort to help Charlie Gard’s family as I return to London for these hearings.


Catherine Glenn Foster,
President & CEO
Americans United for Life


Sign the Petition

Sign the petition asking that Charlie’s parents may choose treatment for their son.

21 Jul 2017
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