Americans United for Life | Directors & Advisors
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Directors & Advisors

Board of Directors:


Jay Cunningham, CFP (Chairman)
Wells Fargo Advisors
Chicago, IL

Teri Goudie
Goudie Media Services
Chicago, IL

Kenneth Hansen (Treasurer)
Partner (retired), KPMG LLP
Granite Bay, CA

Donna Harrison, MD (Secretary)
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians
& Gynecologists
Eau Claire, MI


Yuval Levin
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Washington, DC

Mark Miller, Esq.
Pacific Legal Foundation
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Eileen J. O’Connor, Esq. (Vice Chairman)
Law Office of Hon. Eileen J. O’Connor, PLLC
Washington, DC  20006

Monique Chireau Wubbenhorst, MD, MPN
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC





Board of Advisors:


Professor Helen Alvaré, Esq.
Columbus School of Law
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

Frederica Mathewes-Green
Author and Columnist
Baltimore, MD

Professor Hadley Arkes
Amherst College
Amherst, MA

Fr. C. J. McCloskey III
Faith and Reason Institute
Chicago, IL


Professor G. Robert Blakey
University of Notre Dame Law School
South Bend, IN

John D. Murnane, Esq.
New York, NY

William P. Clark, Esq.
Clark Company
Paso Robles, CA

Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen
University of St. Thomas: Law School
Minneapolis, MN


Eugene F. Diamond, M.D.
Stritch School of Medicine
Loyola University
Palos Park, IL

Professor Stephen B. Presser
Raoul Berger Prof. of Legal History
Northwestern University Law School
Chicago, IL

Carol Everett
Life Network
Austin, TX

Sandy Rios
Culture Campaign
Chicago, IL


Reverend Kevin T. FitzGerald, S.J.
David Lauler Chair, Catholic Health
Care Ethics, Center for Clinical
Bioethics, Georgetown University Medical Center
Washington, DC

Jerry K. Rose
Total Living Network
Chicago, IL

Professor Robert P. George
McCormick Prof. of Jurisprudence
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

Professor Lynn D. Wardle
J. Reuben Clark Law School
Brigham Young University
Orem, UT


Professor Rick Garnett
University of Notre Dame Law School
South Bend, IN

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