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Job Openings

Director of Government Affairs

Director of Online Communications

Administrative Assistant

Note: Please send all resumes and inquiries to


Director of Government Affairs

Americans United for Life seeks a Director of Government Affairs, located in Washington, D.C.  Applicants must have a J.D. and at least 5 years of legal and/or public policy experience.  The Director of Government Affairs will plan and execute AUL’s outreach to federal and state legislators and allied groups and individuals, embracing and fostering the pro-life mission of Americans United for Life.  The Director will also assist with all aspects of AUL’s extensive legal program including legislative drafting, litigation in support of life-affirming laws, and researching, drafting, and developing educational and media material. The position reports to the Vice President of Legal Affairs and involves regular travel. Send résumés and inquiries to

Position Specifications:

●      J.D. from an accredited law school;
●       Licensed to practice law in at least one state;
●      At least 5 years of substantive legal and/or public policy experience, with state or federal legislative experience preferred;
●      Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office and Lexis software;
●      Excellent organizational skills;
●      Excellent analytical skills;
●      Strong attention to detail;
●      Excellent interpersonal skills;
●      Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
●      Experience with public speaking and competence as a representative for AUL at events and in the media and/or a         willingness to develop these skills;
●      Excellent problem solving skills;
●      Ability to work collaboratively and motivate and initiate within a team;
●      Ability to work independently, prioritizing and achieving deadline and other project goals; and
●      Ability to professionally handle confidential information



Director of Online Communications

AUL seeks a Director of Online Communications to manage and innovate AUL’s online presence, manage e-mail lists, schedule e-blasts, coordinate on-line marketing, and help to grow AUL’s brand awareness. The director provides a creative element as well as a point of implementation for AUL communications strategy. The director provides a creative element as well as a point of implementation for AUL communications strategy. Must have strong interpersonal skills and integrity; self-starting, able to follow through on a plan with minimal oversight; skills as organizer, project manager, and communicator. Full-time position located in Washington, D.C., with competitive compensation. Send résumés and inquiries to

Core Responsibilities

●      Maintain Website

•     Create visuals to supplement AUL’s messaging, products and involvement.

•     Keep front page of website updated with fresh content, includes sliders, blog posts, latest media hits

•     Updating the website with on-going AUL communications

•     Create landing pages for AUL campaigns

•     Create blog posts for press releases, updates, articles and more

•     Maintain and update staff/board listing on website

•     Manage security of website with in-house tools and vendors

●      Manage Social Media Platforms

•     Lead and develop strategies for reaching people through new media.

•     Facebook: Grow “likes”; grow engagement, direct users to AUL email list and content on AUL website

•     Increase presence through targeted ad/marketing purchases

•     Twitter: grow follows; grow engagement (retweets, mentions), direct users to AUL mentions in the media, AUL storylines and content on AUL website. Also, engage with pro-life allies and legislators, work with the team to create social media content in advance of events and in real time as they occur

•     Instagram: Tell AUL story through photos, avoiding politics/rhetoric as much as possible and instead focusing on the AUL team & day-to-day activities

•     YouTube: Post media coverage, interviews, testimony, event footage & AUL promotional videos

•     Assisting in the creating of video tools as needed

•     LinkedIn: Monitor, occasional updates

•     Google+: Monitor

•     Wikipedia tracking of AUL and strategic topics/partners

•     Other social media sites as assigned

●      Oversee Email and Database

•     Implement email acquisition campaigns around breaking news items

•     Working with the Development team, planning and Implementing AUL’s online fundraising campaigns

•     Implement/Improve/Maintain email tracking and analytics to learn about our list and engage with them optimally

•     Maintaining the e-mail schedule as well as setting up and sending e-mail communications

•     Set up & send press releases and other emails as directed

•     Write copy for informational emails and emails inviting supporters to events

•     Review & edit test copy

•     Create visuals to increase reach of printed media (such as charts/graphs)

•     Assist database administrator with list management and maintenance

•     Run reports on constituent interactions with AUL

•     Update constituent profiles (unsubscribe, subscribe, update address, etc.)

●      Graphic Design

•     Create memes for social media themed around AUL messaging

•     Convert articles with AUL mention, or AUL op-ed into clean, simple PDF format

•     Create ads for conferences

•     Create sliders for front page of website

•     Create graphical elements for use in emails, etc.

●      Video and Visuals Oversight

•     Create video footage in the office and at events

•     Work with vendors to create video footage

•     Oversee video media products for use whether for website, development, social media audiences, etc.

•     Take photos in the office and at events

•     Obtain and archive all AUL photos

•     Obtain and archive all AUL video footage, i.e. event footage, interview footage

•     Obtain and archive all AUL audio clips, i.e. interviews

●      Manage Other AUL Web applications

• website

•     AUL Rapid Response Unit

• website

•     Other websites as directed

●      Other Communications Needs

•     Assistance in monitoring the press box and press inquires, handled by designated spokesperson

•     Monitor in-office interviews as needed

•     Monitor requests for AUL participation at Events.

•     Other Duties as may be assigned that relate to the role of on-line communications


•     Possesses a strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position. Agrees with AUL’s mission and vision of a world in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.

•     Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in online technology or marketing.   Masters or Professional Degree preferred.

•     Experience with WordPress, Microsoft Office Suite, Luminate Online, HTML, PHP, CSS, Photoshop, Fireworks, Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro

•     Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and integrity

•     Turn-Key skills: Self-starting, able to follow through on a plan with minimal oversight and able to seek help to overcome obstacles when encountered

•     Engages empathetically with people

•     Shows strong natural instincts and high energy relating well to a diverse group of people.

•     Demonstrates skills as an organizer, project manager, and communicator



Administrative Assistant

AUL seeks an Administrative Assistant to perform a wide range of administrative and office support activities. Job responsibilities include handling incoming mail and phone calls, receiving visitors, scheduling and coordinating meetings and travel arrangements, monitoring operation of office equipment and maintaining supplies, and assisting with record keeping, reports, special events, and general inquiries.

A valued staff member, the Administrative Assistant will join in advancing AUL’s pro-life mission. Essential qualifications needed are good communication and computer skills, knowledge of office management practices, an ability to plan, organize, and prioritize, attention to detail and accuracy, a sense of team work and flexibility, and a professional demeanor. Please submit resumes to



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