Americans United for Life | AUL Analysis on the Affordable Care Act
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AUL Analysis on the Affordable Care Act

The healthcare law is the largest expansion of abortion since Roe.

AUL predicted it.

Did you know that the Obama Administration’s pending healthcare law forces an abortion mandate
and abortion-inducing drug mandate on all Americans? Don’t be conned. Get the facts at

News Release

3/27/2012: Americans United for Life calls the Obama Administration’s Healthcare Law “the largest expansion of Abortion since Roe v. Wade”

Supreme Court Oral Arguments (Audio and Transcripts)

Day 1: 3/26/2012

Key Charts:

January / February 2010:

AUL Comments to HHS:

IOM testimony:

Academic Articles:

Health  Care  Reform  and Respect  for Human  Life: How  the  Process  Failed, William Saunders and Anna Franzonello,

NCBQ articles: Summer 2010 ; Winter 2010 ; Summer 2011

Sampling of Blog Posts / op-eds:

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