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Media Alerts

PA House protects Down Syndrome-diagnosed children

Apr 17, 2018

Americans United for Life applauds the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for overwhelmingly voting to pass HB 2050, which protects Down Syndrome-diagnosed children in the womb from disproportionate and deadly discrimination. AUL fights for every human being to be welcomed in life and protected in law,…

AUL reaction to Judge Chutkan’s order regarding immigrant youth

Apr 16, 2018

Americans United for Life is deeply concerned by the recent judicial activism of a D.C. District Court judge, who ordered the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to promote abortion as a matter of policy. Under the guise of providing “notice” to potential class members…

AUL statement on Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement

Apr 11, 2018

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been a champion of pro-life legislation during his tenure as speaker, and his leadership on this issue will be greatly missed. Under Speaker Ryan, the House of Representatives has passed a variety of pro-life legislation, including the codification of the Hyde Amendment,…

AUL’s Born-Alive Infant Protection Act gets hearing in Rhode Island

Apr 10, 2018

Today, Americans United for Life’s Government Affairs Counsel Bradley N. Kehr submitted testimony in support of our Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, which is pending in Rhode Island’s House Judiciary Committee. HB 7164 is common-sense legislation requiring that infants born alive during a failed abortion receive appropriate life-saving or life-sustaining medical care…

Tennessee Defunds Abortion Industry

Apr 9, 2018

Americans United for Life commends Tennessee’s Legislature and Governor Bill Haslam for enacting SB 2494, which restricts the funding available for abortion providers under family planning programs. SB 2494 uses the same approach as AUL’s Defunding the Abortion Industry and Advancing Women’s Health Act, prioritizing the funding of comprehensive healthcare facilities that can help women address a broad…

Hawaii Governor signs dangerous physician-assisted suicide bill into law

Apr 5, 2018

Americans United for Life is extremely disappointed by Hawaii Governor David Ige’s decision to sign dangerous legislation establishing a new state-sanctioned system for physician-assisted suicide. This new law flies in the face of the 42 states that affirmatively prohibit physician-assisted suicide and impose criminal penalties…

AUL fighting physician-assisted suicide in Rhode Island

Apr 4, 2018

Americans United for Life Government Affairs Counsel Bradley N. Kehr will be testifying at the Rhode Island General Assembly later today, April 4, 2018. The House Committee on Health, Education & Welfare will be considering H 7297, which would establish a state–sanctioned system for physician-assisted suicide. This proposed legislation flies in the face of the 42 states that affirmatively…

Kentucky honors Pregnancy Care Centers

Apr 2, 2018

Americans United to life applauds Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and the Legislature for passing a resolution recognizing the positive impact of the state’s Pregnancy Care Centers on the women and the communities they serve. While the abortion industry continues their attacks on Pregnancy Care Centers…

Hawaii moves closer to dangerous physician-assisted suicide regime

Mar 29, 2018

Americans United for Life is disappointed by the Hawaii Senate’s decision to approve HB 2739, which would establish a state-sanctioned system for physician-assisted suicide. As AUL pointed out in our letter to Senate leaders, many in the bioethics, legal, and medical fields have raised significant questions regarding the existence of abuses…

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