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Media Alerts

Missouri House Passes Bill Banning Coercing Pregnant Women into Getting an Abortion

Mar 11, 2009

Today, the Missouri House passed HCS HB 46 & 434, a bill that bans coercing a pregnant woman into getting an abortion. Additionally, the bill enhances the state’s informed consent law by allowing women to view and hear an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion, and gives women information about the pain their unborn child feels during an abortion.

Rescinding Conscience Protections for Healthcare Providers Outrageous

Mar 6, 2009

This week, the Obama administration moved to rescind U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rules mandating enforcement of and compliance with existing federal laws that protect the civil rights and freedom of conscience of healthcare professionals. The targeted rules were implemented by the Bush Administration in December 2008.

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