Clarke Forsythe

Senior Counsel

Clarke ForsytheClarke Forsythe is currently Senior Counsel for AUL and author of Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, published by Encounter Books in 2013. His twenty-seven years of service to AUL includes founding and directing the AUL Project in Law & Bioethics, serving for six years as Vice President and General Counsel, overseeing our nationwide litigation and legislation strategy, and serving as President for ten years.

Forsythe has argued cases before federal and state courts and has testified before Congress and state legislatures. He is also a prolific writer on pro-life law issues, having published more than 15 law review articles and book chapters, as well as articles in First Things, the Wall Street Journal, and National Review Online. Other leading newspapers that have published his articles or quoted him include The New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.  Clarke blogs frequently on “The Road to Roe”   –

In 2006, Forsythe received an M.A. in Bioethics from Trinity International University. His recent articles include “A Lack of Prudence,” published in Human Life Review; “Protecting Unconscious, Medically-Dependent Persons after Wendland & Schiavo,” published in Constitutional Commentary; “The Tragic Failure of Roe v. Wade: Why Abortion Should be Returned to the States” published in Texas Review of Law and Politics; and most recently, “A Road Map Through the Supreme Court’s Back Alley” published in Villanova Law Review.

His first book, Politics for the Greatest Good: The Case for Prudence in the Public Square, was published by InterVarsity Press in 2009. First Things called it “an essential book for lawmakers and all participants in the ongoing culture wars.”  His second book, published in 2013, is titled Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade.

Clarke has a law degree from Valparaiso University School of Law and a B.A. in Political Science from Allegheny College.

Abuse of Discretion

Based on twenty years of research, Clarke Forsythe’s Abuse of Discretion is a critical review of the behind-the-scenes deliberations that went into the Supreme Court’s abortion decisions and how the mistakes made by the Justices from 1971 to 1973 have led to the turmoil we see today in legislation, politics, and public health.

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