Americans United for Life | Chief Marketing Officer Opening
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Chief Marketing Officer Opening

Dear Potential Chief Marketing Officer Candidate:

We at Americans United for Life (AUL) invite you to help us create a transformative new chapter in the fight for life. Thank you for taking a few moments to consider this profile. We are pleased to present this opportunity to you, which comes at a significant time for AUL.

For 46 years, AUL has worked to move the United States of America toward the day when all human beings are welcomed in life and protected in law. AUL has been on the leading edge of the pro-life movement’s most effective strategies, through well-planned and executed educational, legislative, and litigation activities.

Now, at this time of unprecedented opportunity, we are seeking AUL’s first Chief Marketing Officer, who will oversee a significant new marketing initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of the consequences of today’s public policies concerning abortion and of AUL’s activities to turn the tide in favor of valuing and protecting human life. Our first CMO will also lead our brand identity, media, relations, and development efforts.

It is clear from the judicial rulings of the past year that a strong and proactive AUL is needed now more than ever.

I invite you to read this Opportunity Profile and explore our website. If your experience, gifts, and interests match the Profile, or if you have any questions, please contact AUL at If this position is not for you, please share it with those in your network who, in your judgment, might be potential candidates.
We look forward to hearing from you!


Catherine Glenn Foster President & CEO Americans United for Life


Think you have what it takes to be our chief marketing officer?

Check out the PDF below and send in your resume, references, work samples, and a 30- to 40-second video that shows why you’re the person for the job!

Submit your materials to us via and type “AUL CMO” in the subject line of your email.

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