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Advocates for Life

advocates-for-life-logoAn initiative of Americans United for Life

Founded in 2009, ADVOCATES FOR LIFE is a national, nonpartisan association of pro-life law students.  AFL is dedicated to fostering balanced and open discussion about the fundamental right to life in the legal community. By building a culture of courage and support among pro-life law students and lawyers, AFL will turn the legal environment to one that values and upholds the dignity of human life.

Statement of Principles

ADVOCATES FOR LIFE is founded on the principles that all human beings have an unalienable right to life, existing from the moment of conception until natural death; that an essential end of government is the protection of human life; and that every law and policy decision must uphold, affirm, and safeguard this fundamental right. We thus oppose all unjust attacks on innocent human life, including abortion, euthanasia, and embryo destructive research.

Mission Statement

ADVOCATES FOR LIFE seeks to promote awareness of the above principles and to further their application through education, advocacy, and networking. AFL will establish and sustain pro-life groups at law schools, promote networking and mentoring between pro-life law students and lawyers, help to enlist pro-life attorneys to speak at law schools, and organize regular receptions and conferences. AFL is uniquely positioned to support pro-life law students in engaging a largely hostile legal environment within law schools. Through these pro-life groups on law school campuses, AFL will train America’s future lawyers, legislators, and judges to shape laws and legal norms that protect life.

The latest project from ADVOCATES FOR LIFE is a Constitutional Law & Abortion Primer.


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