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Backing Pregnancy Centers


Over the last several years, NARAL and Planned Parenthood have targeted pregnancy care centers across the country for burdensome regulations and harassment intended to drive women away from the life-saving work of these centers and into the “arms” of the abortion industry.

Over the past three years, legislation has been introduced in Congress and in at least nine states including California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia specifically targeting pregnancy centers. When a coalition of pro-life groups was able to blunt these attacks at the state-level, abortion advocates revised their target list to focus on counties, cities, and municipalities. This change in tactic has brought them some success. Local ordinances and regulations targeting the operations of pregnancy centers have been enacted in Baltimore, Maryland, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Austin, Texas.

In response, AUL is partnering with Care Net, Heartbeat International , and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates to defeat abortion advocate’s attempts to marginalize and undercut the life-affirming work of pregnancy centers. Together, we are promoting AUL’s Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Care Centers in state legislatures across the country.

If you would be interested in helping promote a resolution in your state, send an email to or call the AUL office at (202) 289-1478.

To order a copy of the AUL model bill “Joint Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Care Centers” or other AUL model legislation, click here.

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