Americans United for Life | Abortion
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Since 1971, AUL has worked to change laws that threaten the lives of the unborn. At the same time, through our educational efforts, we work to change the hearts and minds of the American public so that all may recognize the dignity of human life.

AUL has achieved significant gains in pro-life legislation, particularly during the past 25 years. We are saving the lives of children in the womb through a systematic and strategic state-by-state effort, taking tactical steps that provide incremental gains today while laying the groundwork for much larger gains in the future.

While abortion laws typically reach the public consciousness through coverage of U.S. Supreme Court rulings, landmark cases are in fact the culmination of decades of persistent legal work to build precedent through small incremental victories.

Mississippi provides an excellent example of the effectiveness of an incremental, legal strategy to combat the evil of abortion. Over the past 15 years, Mississippi has adopted 15 pro-life laws. As a result, abortions in the state have decreased by nearly 60% and six out of seven abortion clinics have closed—leaving only one embattled abortion clinic in the entire state.

AUL actively advocates the systematic, incremental adoption and implementation of life-affirming laws in the states. We provide state lawmakers, state attorneys general, public policy groups, lobbyists, the media, and others involved in the cause for life with proven legal strategies and tools that will, step by step and state by state, lead to a more pro-life America. At the same time, we are laying the groundwork for protecting the unborn in the future, during the state-by-state battle that will follow Roe’s ultimate reversal.

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