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Lawyers for Life

Lawyers for Life is a national network of pro-life attorneys in affiliation with AUL.

Over the years, increasing numbers of attorneys have asked how they can be in closer touch with AUL and other pro-life lawyers. Living in cities and towns all over the nation, busy with their professional work, many pro-life attorneys do not have the opportunity to gather together, get acquainted, discuss the latest pro-life legal issues, or collaborate to advance the pro-life cause.  AUL has created Lawyers for Life to provide these opportunities and to develop these interests.

Lawyers for Life is forming local chapters across the country. These chapters will serve as networking forums for members. They will host special events with AUL leaders and experts, including in-depth briefings on legal developments. Chapters can also be an effective way to build support for life-affirming legislation, pursue pro-bono research and litigation opportunities, and encourage lawyers, whatever their areas of practice, to share their talents and expertise in support of the pro-life cause.

If you are a pro-life attorney, please consider joining Lawyers for Life. If you know a lawyer who might be interested or seek additional information, please click here to email Evangeline Jones, National Coordinator for Lawyers for Life.

More information, including online membership registration, is coming soon.

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