Legislative Victories

Every year, AUL’s legal and policy expertise accumulates legislative victories and creates momentum toward a restored culture of life.  In just the first few months of 2010, AUL celebrated:

  • More than half the states introducing or considering AUL’s “Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act,” model legislation released in the wake of the enactment of national health care reform and permitting states to opt-out of providing insurance coverage for abortion in required health insurance exchanges.
  • Passage by both the Virginia House and Senate of AUL’s resolution commending the work of pregnancy care centers.  In February 2010, the Oklahoma Senate also passed this unique initiative.
  • Consultation on Idaho’s recently-enacted comprehensive protection for health care freedom of conscience.
  • Defeating – for the second year in a row – “Illinois’ Freedom of Choice Act,” which would have enshrined an unfettered right to abortion into Illinois law and invalidated all existing state laws regulating or limiting abortion.

Similarly, in 2009, our accumulated legislative victories included:

  • AUL’s joint legislative resolution urging Congress to reject the federal “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) being adopted by the House of Representatives in Missouri and by both the House of Representatives and Senate in Georgia and Oklahoma.
  • AUL’s “Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act” being passed unanimously by the Oklahoma legislature and signed into law.
  • Stopping state FOCAs in Illinois and New Mexico.
  • More than 75% of state bills seeking to provide comprehensive freedom of conscience protection for health care providers were based on AUL’s model.
  • AUL experts also consulted on:
  • Fetal-pain legislation enacted in Utah.
  • Ultrasound requirements enacted in Kansas and Nebraska.
  • Informed consent enhancements enacted in North Dakota including an ultrasound requirement, counseling on fetal pain, and a requirement that abortion providers inform women that abortion ends the life of a “whole, separate human being.”
  • A ban on partial-birth abortion and an omnibus measure providing for informed consent, a reflection period, a physician-only requirement for abortifacients, and health care freedom of conscience protections enacted in Arizona.