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Book Our Experts

Contact AUL Communications at to book our experts.

Clarke Forsythe
Acting President and Senior Counsel

Expertise: Supreme Court nominations,Human Life Amendments, personhood, constitutional amendments on abortion, development of new model legislation

Denise M. Burke
Vice President of Legal Affairs and Editor-in-Chief of Defending Life

Expertise: 50-state plan, abortion bans (not PBA), state FOCA’s, abortion provider requirements, admitting privileges, clinic regulations, abortion reporting, sex abuse reporting, crisis pregnancy centers and CPC funding, “Choose Life” plates, fetal homicide, fetal assault, use of force, prenatal drug use, wrongful death, wrongful birth,  born-alive infant protection, Baby Moses laws, fetal death certificates, fights of conscience, legislative tracking of Unborn Victims bills, development of new model legislation, litigation tracking, AUL policy guides, amicus briefs

Anna Paprocki
Staff Counsel

Expertise: Federal healthcare reform legislation, abortion funding restrictions (Hyde Amendment), federal conscience protections (Hyde/Weldon Amendment), rationing of care, federal judicial nominations, international abortion issues, abortion, women’s health


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