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Order Model Legislation

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Women’s Protection Project

 Women’s Protection Project 2018 (All) Enforcement Module Women’s Right to Know Act (Informed Consent for Abortion) Coercive Abuse Against Mothers Prevention Act Women’s Health Protection Act Abortion Reporting Act Abortion Inducing Drugs Information Act Draft Parental Involvement Enhancement Act Child Protection Act  

The Infants’ Protection Project

 Unborn Infants Dignity Act “Missouri Preamble” Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act Perinatal Hospice Information Act Born-Alive Infant Protection Act Unborn Wrongful Death Act

Defunding Abortion Providers

 Defunding the Abortion Industry and Advancing Women’s Health Act Family Planning Consistency and Transparency Act Abortion Subsidy Prohibition Act Federal Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act Abortion Coverage Prohibition Act Employee Coverage Prohibition Act Exchange & Private Insurance Coverage Prohibition Act Joint Resolution Calling for Investigation and Defunding of Abortion Providers

Other Abortion Legislation

 State Constitutional Amendment Parental Consent for Abortion Act Parental Notification for Abortion Act Joint Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Resource Centers

Legal Recognition & Protection of the Unborn and Newly-Born

 Crimes Against the Unborn Child Act Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act


 Human Cloning Prohibition Act Destructive Human Embryo Research Act Prohibition on Public Funding of Human Cloning and Destructive Embryo Research Act Real Hope for Patients Act (Funding of Ethical Alternatives) Assisted Reproductive Technologies Disclosure and Risk Reduction Act Egg Provider Protection Act Embryo Adoption Act

End of Life

 Assisted Suicide Ban Act Joint Resolution Opposing Physician-Assisted Suicide Pain Management Education Act Life Sustaining Care Act

Healthcare Freedom of Conscience

 Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act Pharmacist Freedom of Conscience Act Ensuring Compliance with Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act

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