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Popping the “Bubble Zone” Jurisprudence Before It Floats Away

Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit found a Pittsburg ordinance restricting access to public areas around abortion clinics unconstitutional.  More specifically, the court held the ordinance to be “insufficiently tailored” because it “burdens substantially more speech than necessary” to achieve…

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Critical House Vote: Current House Health Care Bill Would Create the Largest Expansion of Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in over 30 years

The U.S. House health care overhaul bill H.R. 3962 could receive a vote as early as Thursday.  H.R. 3962 would create a new stream of federal funding not covered by the restrictions of the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding of abortion. Americans United for Life…

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Analysis of Life Provisions in H.R. 3962

Update:  On November 7, 2009, the Stupak-Pitts amendment was added to H.R. 3962 on the House Floor. The Stupak-Pitts amendment resolves the abortion and conscience concerns in the House bill discussed below [Note, these concerns have not been resolved in the Senate bill].  For more…

30 Oct 2009 Posted by Mary Harned in Blog 9 comments

AUL’s Statement on New House Health Care Bill

Statement by Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest: “Just as Americans United for Life had expected, the new House health care bill unveiled this morning includes the Capps Amendment language added during the Energy and Commerce Committee mark-up.  This bill will…

29 Oct 2009 Posted by Americans United for Life in Blog 1 comment

Scoring Health Care Letter Goes to House Members

Today, at the same time that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was unveiling the new House health care reform bill, Americans United for Life’s legislative arm AUL Action sent a letter to members of the House of Representatives to express our deep concern over the life-related…

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