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Prez Nominates Pro-Abort ACLU Lawyer to EEOC

When President Obama was on the campaign trail, he promised Planned Parenthood that the “first thing” he would do as President would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)–a bill that would strike down all regulations on abortion, denying Americans their rights of…

23 Oct 2009 Posted by Americans United for Life in Blog 2 comments

Conscience Protection and the Health Care Reform Bills

[Printer-friendly PDF] Introduction Soon after taking office, President Obama made it a top priority to reverse a regulation that allows health care providers the right to refuse to perform services to which they object. The regulation, issued by executive order by the Bush Administration and…

22 Oct 2009 Posted by Mary Harned in Blog 5 comments

Help Us Stop Your Tax Dollars From Going to Abortion

If Congressional leaders have their way, sweeping health care reform legislation will force American taxpayers to fund abortion-on-demand. A few days ago I had a chance to explain this to the country in an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled: “Tax Dollars Shouldn’t Fund…

21 Oct 2009 Posted by Charmaine Yoest in Blog 1 comment

Response to Media Matters’ Faulty “Fact Check”

HERE are the Facts Media Matters stated: “In a new anti-choice ad, the conservative Americans United for Life presents several nuggets of misinformation regarding how abortion is being treated in Democratic proposals for health care reform.  Because they lack any factual grounds for their argument,…

19 Oct 2009 Posted by Mary Harned in Blog 3 comments

The Guttmacher Institute vs. the Facts

In today’s edition of Church Report, AUL Staff Counsel Anna Franzonello responds to a report by the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute that blames certain countries’ restrictive abortion laws for a high rate of deaths and complications from clandestine abortion in those countries. The report’s conclusions…

15 Oct 2009 Posted by Americans United for Life in Blog no comments

New Online Ad About Abortion in Health Care

Today, Americans United for Life’s legislative action arm, AUL Action is giving America a much-needed reality check with a new online ad that dispels the deceptive rhetoric in Washington and gives clear evidence how taxpayer dollars will go to funding abortions in health care reform….

14 Oct 2009 Posted by Charmaine Yoest in Blog, Video 5 comments
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