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Americans United for Life

Another Win for Ultrasound Legislation

South Dakota joined the ranks of eleven other states this week and enacted legislation requiring that a woman considering abortion be given an opportunity to see an ultrasound of her unborn child. This is yet another victory in minimizing the effect of Roe v. Wade….

14 Mar 2008 Posted by Americans United for Life in Abortion, Blog, WRTK no comments

Today is National Appreciation Day for Abortion Providers

Believe it or not, March 10 is National Appreciation Day for Abortion Providers.  Created by the organization Refuse and Resist! in 1996, the cause is annually promoted by Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Federation, the ACLU, and other rabidly pro-abortion groups. According to an email sent…

10 Mar 2008 Posted by Americans United for Life in Abortion, Blog 3 comments

Required Reading: Health Policy Interview

Discover has published an interview with Leon Kass, the former chair of the President’s Council on Bioethics, that is far ranging in its discussion of health policy issues. Touching on ethics, technological innovation, end of life issues, reproduction issues, stem cell research, therapy vs. enhancement,…


AUL Job Opening: Receptionist

Overview: Americans United for Life, a national non-profit pro-life organization in downtown Chicago, is looking for a full-time receptionist to greet visitors, handle incoming calls, and perform various general administrative duties within a professional office atmosphere. Candidates must have excellent communication skills, strong computer skills,…

03 Mar 2008 Posted by Americans United for Life in AUL, Blog no comments
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