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Americans United for Life

Pregnancy Care Centers Under Attack

Last week I was able to travel to Hartford, Connecticut, in order to testify on behalf of AUL against a local ordinance attacking the local pregnancy care center, Hartford Women’s Center. You can read my full testimony here. This ordinance is yet another example of…

28 Nov 2017 Posted by Cate Whitley in Blog no comments

Americans United for Life Releases Groundbreaking Report Highlighting Massive Abuses Within Abortion Industry, Exposing How Abortion Businesses Endanger Women

“Americans deserve to know the truth about the abortion industry…sadly, abortion businesses are all too willing to turn a blind eye to unsafe conditions and unqualified personnel, endangering women’s health and even their lives.” – Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of AUL   Washington,…

17 Nov 2017 Posted by Cate Whitley in Media Alerts no comments

Court’s Shocking Decision Will Make U.S. an Abortion Destination

By Catherine Glenn Foster Originally published in LifeZette, October 27, 2017. “I don’t feel sure about having a child.” With these words, “Jane Doe,” an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant, could have been speaking for millions of women facing pregnancy and childbirth. Instead, she spoke them as the epicenter…

27 Oct 2017 Posted by Carolyn Bolton in Op-Eds no comments

Americans United for Life ‘applauds’ judge for allowing Missouri’s 72-hour ‘reflection period’

“Americans United for Life applauds Judge Burnett for allowing Missouri’s 72-hour reflection period to go into effect over Planned Parenthood’s protestations. Many states require 72-hour reflection periods for other important decisions, such as applying for a marriage license, signing a mortgage, and placing a child…

24 Oct 2017 Posted by Carolyn Bolton in Press Release no comments

The Hyde Amendment Saved My Life

By Deanna Wallace Originally published in the Independent Journal Review, on October 5, 2017. Saturday marked the 41st anniversary of the passage of the Hyde Amendment, which codified our nation’s preference for childbirth over abortion when it comes to taxpayer dollars. That means that 41 years ago, Congressman Henry…

05 Oct 2017 Posted by Carolyn Bolton in Op-Eds no comments
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