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States Acknowledge Unborn Despite Personhood Amendment Defeat

The following blog post at was written by William Saunders and Mary Novick, both of AUL: The fight for legal recognition and protection of the unborn child is not fatally diminished by the recent rejection of the Mississippi personhood initiative. In fact, there have…

17 Nov 2011 Posted by Americans United for Life in Blog no comments

No “Magic;” Just Smoke and Mirrors

Wouldn’t it be nice if, by some act of magic, a law that endangers unborn children could be transformed into a life-affirming statute?  Unfortunately, such magic does not exist; in fact, not even an order written by the President can modify language passed by Congress…

15 Nov 2011 Posted by Mary Harned in Blog no comments

AUL in the News: Mississippi Personhood Roundup

There was a great deal of news coverage recently featuring AUL both before and after the vote on Measure 26 in Mississippi last week. A sampling of that coverage is below. Clarke Forsythe was interviewed by Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post: “Mississippi should caution…

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In addition to healthcare reform, U.S. Supreme Court will tackle the implications of assisted reproductive technologies

The current U.S. Supreme Court session is proving to be an exciting one.  In addition to granting review of healthcare reform cases today, the Court also granted review in Capato v. Astrue—a case involving the rights of posthumously-conceived children. In this world of assisted reproductive…

14 Nov 2011 Posted by Americans United for Life in Bioethics, Blog, Informed Consent, Reproductive Technologies, SCOTUS, USSC no comments
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