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Americans United for Life Releases Groundbreaking Report Highlighting Massive Abuses Within Abortion Industry, Exposing How Abortion Businesses Endanger Women

“Americans deserve to know the truth about the abortion industry…sadly, abortion businesses are all too willing to turn a blind eye to unsafe conditions and unqualified personnel, endangering women’s health and even their lives.” – Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of AUL   Washington,…

17 Nov 2017 Posted by Cate Whitley in Media Alerts no comments

Catherine Glenn Foster: ‘We applaud Speaker Ryan, Rep. Trent Franks’ and other House members for passing the Pain-Capable bill

“Americans United for Life is encouraged by the House of Representatives’ passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act this afternoon. Not only does this legislation provide protections for the unborn child who can feel pain, but it also protects mothers from the increased risks…

03 Oct 2017 Posted by Carolyn Bolton in Press Release no comments

The Anti-Woman World of Roe

Roe v. Wade will turn 40 next year, leading many to consider how the decision has affected America’s women and families.  Abortion advocates are already laying the groundwork for what will certainly become a jarring celebration of a life-ending procedure. Planned Parenthood Action’s website invites…

19 Mar 2012 Posted by Joe Carter in Blog no comments

Hoosiers Act to Defund ALL Abortion Mills

On Tuesday, May 10th, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana signed a bill containing numerous pro-life provisions.  A survey of the headlines for most news stories about the bill, however, would lead one to conclude that the legislation’s sole purpose is to bankrupt Planned Parenthood.  In…

16 May 2011 Posted by Mary Harned in Blog 1 comment

States Continue to ‘Opt-Out’

It’s only been 2.5 months since the health care bill was signed into law, but states are continuing to opt-out of the abortion-mandate in the federal health care law. In Florida, Governor Crist is debating whether to sign a bill addressing health care that contains…

10 Jun 2010 Posted by Americans United for Life in Blog no comments
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